Hugo Boss – A Visual Journey

re·tail noun The sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption       rather than for resale. In order to attract customers a visual display of goods is necessary. Since its birth in the mid 19th century visual merchandising has evolved into one of the most vital components of [...]

What’s Got the Fashion Community’s panties in a bunch this week? Saint Laurent’s Latest Ads – Of Course

Paris fashion house Saint Laurent’s latest ad campaign has caused quite the commotion on social media this week. Numerous complaints were filed in response to images that were considered offensive due to their hyper sexual nature that many felt were degrading to women. The fashion house has been known for provocative marketing approaches and their [...]

The Foundations of a Career (script)

“September  2014 I started working my second ever retail position which ultimately became the beginning of what will someday be my career. The store Boston Proper in Raleigh NC, The Job a sales associate. With little prior experience in retail, and an intention of pursuing school first before searching for a serious occupation I found [...]

Seven Stages of a Story

As explained in the chapter, there are various approaches to telling a story that ultimately follow a fundamental development. Throughout history, distant cultures have told stories of their people for their people. It is compelling to realize the immense similarities between ancient stories despite the disconnect between societies of the time. Scholars have formed their own [...]

Main Ideas for Effective Web Design

“Shape your text for online reading.” People read an entirely different way on the web than they do when reading print. Shaping your text for online reading means making everything significantly more obvious than you would offline. “Get to the point.” Your messages online should be concise and shouldn't require much thought on the readers [...]

4 Components of Finding your Story

"Your Angle" is the unique perspective you use to address a subject or tell a story. An angle can be defined by personal experiences, values, and opinions. It is important to understand how your individual perspective is relative to someone else's life. Your angle will be unique to any one else discussing the same subject. [...]